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Who is this Button for?

You know who can be.

Provocative Suggestions

Substitute letters from the English alphabet for the asterisk ie: aunt, bunt, dunt, hunt, junt, lunt, runt and one other.

Be proud that although you are disliked, you are feared.


In th' isle of Britain, long since famous grown For breeding the best cunts in Christendom,

There reigns, and oh! long may he reign and thrive,

The easiest King and best-bred man alive.

Him no ambition moves to get renown

Like the French fool, that wanders up and down

Starving his people, hazarding his crown.

Peace is his aim, his gentleness is such,

And love he loves, for he loves fucking much.

(John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, 1674)

Something to consider

Meditate on the best connotations of the word you chose.