Legitimate Thief

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Who is this Button for?

Business executives who ‘steal’ without ever breaking the letter of the law.

‘In the know’ employees and associates of the above, such as their lawyers and accountants.

Tax evaders and tax ‘avoiders’.

Those a little too easily convinced that they have ‘good reason’ for taking possession of other people’s property


Provocative Suggestions

Sleep well, your conscience is clear.[1]

Erase any lingering guilt; it’s not your fault that the mugs you ripped off are now bankrupt.


Many there are who openly and almost professedly regulate all their conduct by their love of money: who have no reason for action or forbearance, for compliance or refusal, than that they hope to gain more by one than by the other. These are indeed the meanest and cruelest of human beings, a race with whom, as with some pestiferous animals, the whole creation seems to be at war; but who, however detested or scorned, long continue to add heap upon heap, and when they have reduced one to beggary, are still permitted to fasten on another. (Dr Johnson)

Something to consider

Thou shalt not steal.[2]



  1. The small print was explicit and they should have read it. It is well known that ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’. If you hadn’t taken it, someone else would have.
  2. King James Authorised version of The Bible.