7. Alcoholic on the radio

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A Provocative Therapist is invited to be the guest on the show of the country’s most prestigious radio psychotherapist. The therapist, known to her listeners as ‘DrD’, interviews Provocative Therapist for a while on Provocative Therapy and it’s use in psychiatry, psychotherapy and general medicine. He then agrees to take calls from listeners phoning in with personal problems.

Dr. D: This is Jay. He is an addict…

Provocative Therapist: (friendly voice) Hi Jay…

Jay: Hello, I’m not an alcoholic. I can go long periods without drinking...

Provocative Therapist: You’re not an alcoholic.

Jay: No. I just need to drink to unwind now and again.

Provocative Therapist: (in very re-assuring voice) Listen Jay, This country is a tough place in which to live these days. Life is very stressful. I’m sure that if I had to live here permanently, I’d also drink heavily!

Jay: But it’s just no good; my family can smell the alcohol on my breath.

Provocative Therapist: Okay, that is a problem. But don’t worry about it. I will tell you how to disguise the smell of alcohol on your breath. You must…

Jay: (interrupting in an assertive voice) Disguise it? That’s the worst thing to do! I must learn other ways of relaxing…


The remarkable thing about this case is that within a single minute of conversation on the phone, a probable binge alcoholic was provoked into assertively prescribing sensible solutions for himself and his problem.