Well Endowed

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Who is this Button for?

Big boys and mentulated men.

Porn stars. [1]


Provocative Suggestions

Give thanks for a gift coveted by most men and a few women too.

Be proud that you will always be King - of the locker room.

Take pity on the remaining 95% of the male population who are less biologically gifted than yourself.


Women don't suffer from penis envy. Men do.

(Joseph Heller, Something Happened)

We are right to note the license and disobedience of this member which thrusts itself forward too inopportunely when we do not want it to, and which so inopportunely lets us down when we most need it; it imperiously contests for authority with our will: it stubbornly and proudly refuses all our incitements, both of the mind and hand.

(Michel de Montaigne)

As the poets have mournfully sung,

Death takes the innocent young,

The rolling-in-money,

The screamingly-funny,

And those who are very well hung.

(W.H. Auden, The Aesthetic Point of View)

Something to consider

Gentleness and gentility will serve you well.



  1. Who may daunt female viewers or leave them with unrealistic expectations.