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Who is this Button for?

'Slimmers’ of all shapes and sizes.

Other gullible blimps.

Provocative Suggestions

Trust and hope that every new diet turns out to be a scientific breakthrough.

Diet – binge – new diet – same binge – another new diet – same binge…

Try the Food Porn Diet: Instead of eating, tune into the Food Network Channel and indulge yourself.


I highly recommend worrying. It is much more effective than dieting.

(William Powell)

Something to consider

Give Ration-al Eating a chance [1]



  1. Rules of Ration-al eating

    How to Keep Slim

    a) Eat only when you are hungry.

    b) Eat slowly, chew well and enjoy your food.

    c) Eat a mixture of healthy food and food you really enjoy.

    d) Do not incriminate any food or call it ‘the enemy’. Greed, not food, is ‘the enemy’.

    e) Stop eating when still feeling a little hungry.

    f) Take some exercise every 5 meals.

    How to Lose Weight

    a) Follow all the rules of How to Keep Slim.

    b) Hunger is your friend: when you are hungry do NOT eat immediately. Delay gratification for a few hours. When you are hungry and delay eating, you lose weight.

    c) When you reach your ideal weight (obtainable from your doctor, NOT your ‘gut feeling’), revert to eating only when you are hungry.

    d) Avoid crash diets and diet books. There is minimal evidence that any of them work in the long term.