I married money

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Who is this Button for?

Gold diggers.

Fortune hunters.

Provocative Suggestions

Take comfort in the knowledge that millions of others have resorted to this time-honoured method of becoming rich.

Feel smugly superior to the many poor people who are just as unhappily married as you.[1]

Realise that things could be worse – you could have married for sex.[2]


She measures a man's love by the carat.

(Source unknown)

Tonight,” [the maitre d'] crowed, “in my place are gathered the four most famous playboys in the world!” Everybody had a good laugh, but Rubi had the last. “Yes, that’s true,” he responded, “but there is a big difference between me and these other gentlemen: They all pay their women, and all my women pay me!”

(fromThe Last Playboy: The High Life of Porfirio Rubirosa by Shawn Levy)[3]

We forge the chains we wear in life.

(Charles Dickens)

Something to consider

If you’ve taken the cash, you should deliver the goods.[4]



  1. 'Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.’ (Woody Allen)
  2. Sex, unlike money, cannot be saved for a rainy day - such as the day you get divorced.
  3. Porfirio Rubirosa married several of the richest women in the world and deserves to be honoured as the patron saint of fortune hunters.
  4. If love is out of the question, the good news is that most men/women will settle for kindness, hot sex, a tidy house and a good mother/father for their children.