Drama Queen

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Who is this Button for?

Emotional exaggerators who love to blow everything out of proportion.

Psychic vampires, histrionics and attention whores of all sexes.

Provocative Suggestions

Go on, stir it up!

Time your emotional outbursts perfectly: crucial moments at important events in other people's lives are ideal.

Ensure that anyone who fails to treat you like royalty lives to regret it for a very long time.


Every third person in the world is a drama queen. And crying 'victim,' especially when you're not really a victim in any real way, feels good. It feels good to cry victim if you're not one.

(John McWhorter)

Fiddle-dee-dee! War, war, war; this war talk's spoiling all the fun at every party this spring. I get so bored I could scream. Besides... there isn't going to be any war.

(Scarlett O'Hara in movie, Gone with the Wind)[1]

Something to consider

Take an interval and realise that others have feelings too.[2]



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