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Who is this Button for?

Unks, knocks, cluckers and other crackheads.

Provocative Suggestions

Impersonate normal people.

There is no solution to your problem so make a will now.


Only in America would a guy invent crack. Only in America would there be a guy that cocaine wasn't good enough for.

(Denis Leary)

Something to consider

I only know too well of what I speak in this poem. My advice to anyone about to try crack is as follows: Firstly, it will cost you more than you can pay. Secondly, it will play havoc with your health in a very short time. Thirdly, because your personality will change, most of your friends will disown you – just as you will lose interest in anyone not taking or selling crack. Fourthly, you will almost certainly become addicted (and super-paranoid) very quickly indeed. Lastly, unless you quit early (difficult) and permanently (very, very difficult) the lifestyle and the drug itself will conspire to kill you. Apart from all that, it’s great!

(Felix Dennis, footnote to his poem, ‘The House that Crack Built…’) [1]



  1. from A Glass Half Full by Felix Dennis, Hutchinson, 2002