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Who is this Button for?

Married cheats, deceivers, liars and philanderers.

Provocative Suggestions

The best sex is naughty sex!

Ignore your conscience and follow your animal instincts.

Digitally record all your adult(erous) sex sessions for further reference.[1]

Enjoy your life before it is shredded by divorce lawyers.


Adultery is the application of democracy to love.

(H.L. Mencken)

Adultery is a most conventional way to rise above the conventional.

(Vladimir Nabokov)

The first breath of adultery is the freest; after it, constraints aping marriage develop.

(John Updike)

Something to consider

Adultery may be tempting but the usual result (besides feeling guilty and having to lie constantly to your family) is a terrible pain in the wallet.



  1. These videos will be helpful if: a) your marriage falls apart. b) your lover tries to blackmail you.