8. Everyone must be on Red Alert!

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Eileen is an attractive young woman who has studied Provocative Therapy herself. She volunteered to be the patient at a Provocative Therapy workshop.

Eileen: Everybody says they are a little scared of me.

Provocative Therapist: That’s a good thing! You are a bit of a formidable lady. Why do they say they are scared?

Eileen: They say I’m very critical of others, that I have high standards.

Provocative Therapist: That’s excellent! The world is full of unaccountable jellyfish who have no idea of the damage they are doing through sheer incompetence. Somebody has to keep up standards!

Eileen: But they dislike me for trying to help them do this and I don’t…

Provocative Therapist: Yes of course everybody must be on RED ALERT when you enter a room. They probably only appreciate your input many years later. At the time of course, they wish you would go and practice you helpfulness on somebody else.

Eileen: Yes that’s what it is. But what can I do about it?

Provocative Therapist Nothing. This is your karma. This is your job in life. It’s a lousy vocation and you don’t get any gratitude but somebody has to do it!


Although it lasted only 10 minutes, Eileen never forgot this Provocative Therapy encounter. The words 'Everybody must be on red alert when you enter a room' stayed with her and helped her become more tolerant of others